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Professionelles Meta-Consulting: Wir finden den richtigen Berater und Unternehmensberatung für Ihr Projekt


Professional Meta-Consulting Services.

Our Services


Meta-Consulting for Companies Seeking External Advice

Cardea is an expert in supporting executives and project managers in finding the right consulting firm for project-specific needs.

Our services and expertise for the appropriate selection of management consultants focus on the entire procurement process and the most important "levers" that significantly influence the performance of consulting firms and the results of consulting projects.

We help executives & project managers to maximise their value creation and minimise the time needed to tender for consulting services by creating comparability in the consulting market and helping to identify offers with the best price-performance ratio and to significantly increase the project success rate through optimal matching between project requirements and consulting services.


Analysis of consultancy needs and definition of evaluation criteria.

Tendering and selection of the most suitable consultants.

Definition and set-up of consulting projects.

Management of consultants and consulting projects.

Measuring project performance and the performance of the consultants engaged.

Meta-Consulting for Consulting Companies

We help consultancies to secure growth, win clients and optimise the marketing of their own services and competencies. We provide a neutral perspective and outside-in view, broad & deep market and competitive knowledge as well as fresh ideas, knowledge transfer with best practices and benchmarks.

With our unique market insights and experience, we develop unique positioning and growth opportunities from strategy development to execution:


Strategic positioning and service portfolio.

Differentiation and market position.

Consulting marketing.

Fee structures and pricing.

Strategic partnerships and ecosystems.

M&A (succession, trade sale, asset deals).


How we can support you

Tailored to your individual needs

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Procurement of Consultants “As a Service”

As a purchasing manager, you can quickly and easily access our expertise and resources as well as best-practice know-how and our state-of-the-art solution approaches. for your tenders. We act as your extended workbench.

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Growth, positioning, customer acquisition

We help consulting companies increase their sales and profits with our tailor-made workshops.

We offer market insights, fresh ideas and best practices for their market tpositioning, differentiation, branding, strategy, business models, partnerships, collaborations, ecosystems and marketing.

#Positioning #Differentiation #Customer Acquisition #Marketing #M&A


Evaluation & Matching

Based on your needs, we identify suitable consulting companies based on our databases and market screening expertise and match the services of potential providers with your specific requirements. You get the best selection of consulting companies that perfectly fit your project.

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Digital consultant platform

conultingsearcher is the leading marketplace for consulting services and is your digital platform for searching and selecting consulting companies.

Find the most qualified consultants & Experts for your challenges and projects from our extensive consultant & Expert pool.

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If your consulting company needs additional project-related resources to supplement your technical, functional, industry or market know-how, we will help you identify, evaluate and select experts.

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unternehmensberatung subcontractors finden

Highest quality, efficiency and security for your consulting needs

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