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What you can expect

In the end the result counts. Projects carried out with consultants or experts provided by Cardea have a 40% higher success rate compared to the market.

Time savings

We save you time and effort thanks to our quick project execution and the assumption of essential tasks.

Cost efficiency

By focusing on the best price/performance ratio of the recommended consultants, we save you unnecessary costs.

Project success

Selecting the right consulting company and team staffing have a significant effect on the project success rate. 

Selected Projects



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Lean Transformation & Operational Excellence

Initial customer situation: Need for productivity increases in the laboratories.

Customer request: Design and support of a lean transformation program in the area of quality control and quality assurance, including the definition of the lean management strategy, development of training and change programs as well as ensuring the sustainability of the approach to empower the customer.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of lean lab transformation has already implemented similar projects and knows the market and the industry and offers a pragmatic approach?


Digitalization Strategy

Initial customer situation: New impulses for the time after Covid-19.

Customer request: Development of a digitalization strategy, including the development of the digital target picture and the digital focus topics as a key framework for the alignment of internal and external digital activities for the next 5-10 years as well as the identification of noticeable successes and the implementation roadmap.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of digitalization has already implemented similar projects, knows the markets and the industry and offers a pragmatic approach?


#Long List #Consultant evaluation #Pre-qualification #Capability profiles #Matching #Recommendation #Large company #Transportation


#Tender #Long List #Consultant evaluation #Short List #Consultant selection #Matching #Recommendation #Medium-sized companies #Industry


Transformation & Cultural Change

Initial customer situation: Promoting entrepreneurial thinking and leadership to support strategy implementation.

Customer request: Cultural transformation so that employees think more entrepreneurially, support the company's new strategic direction and put their strategic projects into action. In addition, the management team should learn to exemplify the culture and lead the employees through the change.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of change, leadership and cultural change specializes in the implementation of transformation projects?


New Products & Applications for Future Growth

Initial customer situation customer: Drop in sales in established markets, increased competition from Asia.

Customer request: Design business model of the future, identification of new customers and areas of application in the core technologies.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of innovation & growth has already implemented similar projects, knows the market and the industry and offers a pragmatic approach?

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#Tender #Long List #Consultant evaluation #Short List #Consultant selection #Matching #Recommendation #Medium-sized companies #Industrial manufacturing

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#Long List #Consultant evaluation #Pre-qualification #Competence profiles #Matching #Recommendation #Large companies #Financial Services


Digital Customer Acquisition

Initial customer situation: Changing customer behavior and strong competition require an adjustment of the digital marketing strategy.

Customer request: Improving the acquisition process with the aim of attracting new prospects for the bank through the right marketing channel mix.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of marketing, omnichannel & digitalization has already implemented similar projects, knows the markets (13) and the industry and offers a pragmatic approach?


Digitalization of Purchasing Processes

Initial customer situation: Identify needs for action & optimization potentials for the strategic & operational purchasing processes (digitalization, automation).

Customer request: Definition of the digitalization strategy for purchasing processes (direct/indirect), definition of target processes & future-proof system solutions and digitalization roadmap.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of purchasing, eProcurement & technology / digitalization has already implemented similar projects, knows the provider market and combines technological, functional and change know-how?


#Tender #Long List #Consultant evaluation #Short List #Consultant selection #Matching #Recommendation #Medium-sized companies #Pharma & Medtech


#Tender #Long List #Consultant evaluation #Short List #Consultant selection #Matching #Recommendation #SMEs #Trade & Retail


Vision & Strategy 2030

Initial customer situation: Retain leading role in the market through the development of new products & services.

Customer request: Development of the vision & strategy 2030 based on technological, economic and social trends, future customer needs and derivation of innovative business models.

Cardea's task: Which consultant in the area of strategy, innovation & marketing has already implemented similar projects, knows the market and provides relevant technical & methodological know-how (market & trend analyses, future scenarios, customer analyses, new business models, products & services)?


Building an Ecosystem for Innovative Digital Services

Initial customer situation: Building an ecosystem to develop innovative solutions and value-added services for customers.

Customer request: Solutions based on intelligent data, digital processes and digital services to optimize planning, construction, operation and renovation of buildings/areas.

Cardea's task: Which service providers have substantial experience and already successfully implemented use cases in the areas of analytics and/or IoT for building & area management?


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Production Optimization & Building Global Organization

Initial customer situation: Various initiatives to ensure and increase future and profitable growth in international markets.

Customer request: How can the initiatives be implemented sustainably, efficiently and effectively?

Cardea's task: Which experienced external consultants/implementation experts are there who set up the project management (PMO) and coordinate and control the different projects/workstreams in the group?


Differentiated Positioning & Growth Strategy

Initial customer situation: Sharpen the market positioning in order to achieve a clear and visible perception among customers through differentiation and to increase awareness.

Customer request: What options and levers are there to ensure future growth?

Cardea's task: Positioning in the dimensions of what, how and why, definition of customer segments, services and products and USP/added values as well as the delivery process as a basis for brand storytelling and the new market presence.

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#Growth #Market analysis #Differentiation #Brand recognition #Competition comparison #Large consulting firm  #Big4

Development of Innovative Consulting Portfolio

Initial customer situation: Development of various “Strategic Growth Initiatives” to strengthen growth through innovative and current consulting services and consulting skills.

Customer request: How do the most important competitors position themselves in these topics? Which topics have the greatest differentiation and growth potential?

Cardea's task: Analysis of competitors and their competitive position, assessment of success and differentiation and market/demand potential, assessment of investment expenditure and implementation risks.

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