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Consulting Market Trends: New Business Models & Delivery Models in Consulting

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Stay ahead of customer needs

Our latest study on the consulting market shows what challenges consulting companies are facing and how they will have to adapt in the future in order to remain competitive.

5 consulting market trends you should be prepared for in 2022

In our latest consulting market study, we looked at the challenges and experiences of consulting clients when working with management consultants and, at the same time, the answers of the consulting industry to the current market environment.

The consulting business has changed dramatically; consulting firms need to seriously rethink their value proposition:

  1. Clients are looking for deep domain expertise combined with broad end-to-end business and industry knowledge

  2. Clients see few (outstanding) differences between the services of consulting firms

  3. Clients seek innovative forms of collaboration with consulting firms

  4. The consulting industry is lagging behind customer needs in terms of its own level of digitization

  5. Digital marketing of consulting services will set the tone.

The new consulting archetype

The current environment has forced consulting firms, small and large, to improve their offerings, pricing and (virtual) delivery models.

The need to develop new business and collaboration models is reflected in how consultants perceive which companies are their strongest competitors (e.g., software solution providers, moderated networks, digital and marketing agencies).

Consulting firms that do not differentiate themselves in the eyes of customers will be at a competitive disadvantage in the future. Differentiation is only possible if consulting firms clearly distinguish themselves from their competitors in the dimensions of "What" (focus: deep and unique competencies), "How" (knowledge of customer needs: approach to working with customers and solving customer challenges) and the "Why" (USP: added value created in working with customers).

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