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Return on consulting based on your service offering - differentiation in a competitive marketplace

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In a competitive and changing marketplace, you need to provide a reason why customers should come to you instead of your competitors. It's no longer just about the product or service itself - it's also about the experience and value customers find with you.

Consulting companies must therefore constantly evolve and adapt to the changing needs of their customers. This requires creativity, flexibility and innovative strength. To be successful, consulting companies must continuously provide their customers with added value and constantly work on improving themselves.

Differentiation is an important lever for attracting customers and promoting oneself. By standing out from other companies, you become a valuable partner for customers.

Differentiation can be achieved in several ways:

  • by developing special capabilities, unique technologies or innovative products

  • through unique service portfolios to better meet different customer needs

  • through a unique approach, your own philosophy and a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for

  • through innovative collaboration models tailored to customer needs

  • through outstanding customer service (commitment, engagement)

  • through customized or innovative pricing models or value guarantees.

For examples of differentiating innovative business and delivery models in demand by clients, see our latest study on trends in the consulting market from a client and consultant perspective.

By positioning yourself in a differentiating way, you not only increase the visibility of your own consulting firm, but also your chances of attracting new clients by being able to convince them with unique marketing messages. We help you create a unique and distinctive brand for your consulting firm that attracts clients and helps you retain clients for the long term.

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