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Return on Consulting - Getting the most out of the collaboration with external consultants

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

How to increase your project success rate by choosing the right consultant

The term "return on consulting" refers to the value or benefit a company receives from working with a consultant or consulting firm. This value can be measured in a variety of ways, including increased revenue, cost savings, improved efficiency or effectiveness, better decision making, or clearer strategic direction.

The "Return on consulting" can vary depending on the specific objectives of the consulting engagement as well as the specific tasks performed by the consultant or consulting firm. It is important for companies or project managers to establish clear expectations and success criteria before engaging a consultant or consulting firm so that the "Return on Consulting" can be accurately determined and evaluated.

There are a few things consulting clients can do to maximize the "return on consulting" of their consulting engagements and get the most value from their consulting engagement. Here are some tips:

  1. Set clear goals and expectations for the consulting engagement

  2. Define specific results that you hope to achieve

  3. Ensure close cooperation and effective communication between the you and the consultant

  4. Ensure commitment and acceptance within the organization to implement recommended solutions

  5. Choose the righti consulting firms.

With these simple tools, consulting clients can ensure that the consulting engagement is successful and that they get the most value from working with a consultant or consulting firm.

The fact that "return on consulting" is a relevant issue for consulting clients is made clear by the results of our latest Consulting Market Study 2022 on satisfaction with and the success rate of consulting projects in the areas of digitization, innovation, and sustainability:

Choosing the right consulting firm is obviously critical to getting the most out of a consulting project.

With a (proven) project success rate of >90%, we help you unlock the potential of your business by choosing the right consultants!

We ensure that the consulting company

  • has the expertise and experience to meet your specific challenges and needs

  • Understands your business environment and offers approaches and solutions tailored to your specific needs

  • has the right and a variety of resources to provide an excellent team of consultants, research capabilities, data analysis tools and best practices

  • applies an objective and unbiased view to your problems and challenges that can help identify opportunities for improvement and develop new ideas and strategies

  • not only provides recommendations and concepts, but also supports you in implementing the solutions.

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