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Essential drivers for successful consulting firms

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Skills, collaboration and clear value proposition - the success drivers for consultants

In terms of added value for customers, the success of a consulting firm depends on 3 essential factors:

1. Skills

Our study on digitalization, innovation and sustainability consulting shows that in these key transformation topics clients mainly lack expertise and resources, especially in the area of technology and for implementing cultural, organizational and process changes.

Next Level Topics & Challenges from a Client's Perspective

Digitalization consulting innovation consulting sustainability consulting challenges

Customer satisfaction with the services of management consultants in the consulting fields of digitization, innovation and sustainability is not yet overwhelming.

Clients expect functional expertise, technological know-how, multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and change competence when they ask consulting firms for help.

Consulting firms face the challenge of integrating these competencies in a meaningful way and bundling them into consistent service bundles (consulting services and products).

2. Collaboration

The added value of a consulting firm is increasingly generated by the "how", i.e. the way a consultant works together with his clients.

consulting company differentiation consulting services delivery

Customers today expect above all: pragmatism & solution orientation, innovation & creativity

Growth-oriented projects in particular, but also efficiency-driven topics, require the willingness of employees to go along with transformations. Empowering customers and motivating employees are therefore the key aspects of successful solution implementation. Consultants with strong change competence make the difference in these types of projects.

3. Value Proposition

The value proposition of a consulting firm comes from the combination of expertise (skills), delivery capabilities (collaboration), and the resulting benefits for clients in terms of achievable project outcomes.

Value-added consulting consuöting firm positioning marketing

Sharpen and communicate added value for the customer

With our vast knowledge and our extensive experience in the consulting market, we help realize clear and distinctive strategies, positioning and growth opportunities for each individual consulting firm - both project-specific through pitch coaching as well as in the course of the strategic repositioning of the consulting firm.

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