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How to increase your success rate when working with consultants

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

How to increase your success rate when working with consultants - and what the benefits of using meta-consultancy are

The value or benefit (return on consulting) that a company receives from working with a consultant or consulting firm is a key aspect of any consulting engagement.

Meta-Consulting helps to positively influence essential levers for increasing the return on consulting. Clients can and must optimize some of these measures internally, but using Meta-Consulting helps to achieve faster results: due to our broad and deep knowledge of the consulting market and the structured search and evaluation of consultants, which can be anonymous and confidential if desired (as in Executive Search).

5 levers that impact consultant performance & consulting project outcomes:

  1. Set clear goals and expectations for the consulting engagement

  2. Define specific results that you hope to achieve

  3. Ensure close cooperation and effective communication between the client and the consultant

  4. Ensure commitment and acceptance within the organization to implement recommended solutions

  5. Choose the right consultant.

The added value of Meta-Consulting to increase return on consulting:

We will be happy to act as your sparring partner when it comes to,

  • analyze consulting needs and define evaluation criteria,

  • define and set up consulting projects,

  • identify and choose the most suitable consulting firms.

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