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Metaverse generates large demand for consulting and agency services

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

What issues are central to building a metaverse strategy and what does a consultant/agency need to bring to the table for effective support?

Metaverse promises new virtual worlds and possibilities for interaction with customers ("Social Metaverse"), collaboration ("Virtual Enterprises/Workplaces") or the design of value chains ("Industrial Metaverse/Digital Value Chains").

This also generates a large demand from companies for consulting and agency services to build their metaverse strategies with practical use cases.

Consulting firms and agencies can assist with the first steps into the metaverse by helping to answer the following key questions:

  1. How should I position myself as a company in the metaverse? - e.g. like Adidas on The Sandbox (idea generation for new products), Nike on Roblox ("Nikeland" - Commerce, NFTs, Virtual Playspace & Showroom), Gucci on Roblox ("Gucci Town" - NFTs, Virtual Clothing & Digital Goods) or Orange (Digital Innovation & Skills Development).

  2. What are my ambitions and goals with Metaverse and how can they contribute to business results?

  3. What products, services or customer experiences do I offer on Metaverse and what is their added value?

  4. Which key technologies does one use to start in the metaverse successfully (gaming, crypto, NFT platforms)?

  5. What is a possible roadmap to enter the metaverse and what resources (skills, partners and ecosystems) do I need to do so?

Consultancies and agencies need a range of different experiences and expertise to effectively support their clients: from strategy development, business model innovation, digital marketing & communications to technology and change.

With our matching and recommendation service, you get the expertise, quality and security you need. We have more than 20 years of experience and unique knowledge of the consulting and agency market - to ensure your project success by selecting the right consultant.

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