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Selecting digital consultants for successful transformation - How to master the challenges of implementing digital transformation with the right consultancy

Digital transformation has become an undisputed driving force for companies. It promises greater efficiency, a better customer experience and unparalleled growth opportunities.

Seamlessly integrating digital technologies, fundamentally changing operations and the way customer value is generated presents organizations with a unique set of challenges that can render the journey to digital transformation a discouraging venture.

The involvement of a management consultancy to accompany the digital transformation is a frequently chosen means of mastering these challenges and complementing internal resources and qualifications.

What a professional consulting company should bring with it to avoid common mistakes during digital transformation

However, the requirements for successful digital consulting are high, as a management consultant ideally helps to identify potential hurdles and develop solutions to overcome them. Professional consulting can help with these pitfalls:

  • Eliminating unclear or contradictory views on the digital strategy, the digital roadmap and the expected results

  • Ensuring the compatibility of new technologies with existing systems and IT infrastructures

  • Overcoming concerns about data security and data protection

  • Providing evidence or building consensus on the value and tangible benefits of digital transformation

  • Establishing an agile mindset and organizational structure to develop scalable digital solutions that can react quickly to market changes and rapidly adapt strategies and processes.

Selecting digital consultants for successful transformation: How to verify the right expertise among your management consultants

To ensure that you are not one of the more than 60% of clients who are only moderately satisfied with the services of the consulting firms they use for their digitalization and innovation projects, we recommend our expertise and services for selecting the right management consultant and consulting team and for matching the relevant skills.

For a management consultant to be able to help successfully overcome the aforementioned pitfalls, they need a combination of skills and competencies that span technical, business and interpersonal areas.

A professional digital management consultant must:

  • understand digital technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and how they can be used to solve various business problems and create value for customers

  • be familiar with the dynamics of the industry, the market and the customers

  • be able to translate insights into actionable strategies and solutions

  • be innovative and creative to help companies stand out from the competition and develop innovative and effective solutions for their customers

  • be capable of communicating, collaborating and facilitating effectively and building trust and relationships with clients and stakeholders.

How we can support you in selecting the right digital transformation consultant

At Cardea, we are there to assist you in choosing the right digital transformation consultant. Our experts have many years of experience in various industries and have accompanied over 50 successful projects in the field of digital transformation, such as

Auswahl Digitalberater für erfolgreiche Transformation

We not only support you in identifying your individual requirements, but also help you to select the consulting company that best suits your needs. We offer:

  • Market screenings

  • Evaluation & matching (tender support, recommendation of long lists)

  • Identification & review of preferred suppliers

  • Sparring & coaching during project set-up, selection & decision-making processes

  • Advice on optimizing the procurement of consulting services (Procurement Excellence).

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