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Transformation consulting: Brilliant strategies alone won't change organizations, but the people behind it will.

How to master the challenges of implementing transformations with the right consultancy

The average success rate of an organizational transformation is just over 20%. Not a good prospect.

So what can be done to improve the odds?

Here are 5 of the most important findings:

  • Do not disregard the importance of the objective or "purpose" (the "purpose" of the organization, a project, a role or that of a person),


  • correctly understand or assess the motivations and driving forces of employees (no two people see the world in exactly the same way),


  • engage, enable and empower leaders to connect the vision and purpose of the transformation to something everyone is engaged and committed to


  • establish a company-wide communication program and feedback loop (develop a common "change story" and tell it in a compelling way)


  • transformation always means personnel development (new ways of thinking must be incorporated into new behavioral models and supported by new skills and competencies).

The complexity of any transformation makes it clear why it makes sense to seek external support to overcome these challenges and to complement internal resources and skills.

What must a professional transformation consultant provide in order to successfully master the complexity of transformations

Successful transformation consulting requires distinctive skills, as successful change is made possible above all by the human dimension - by factors such as creativity and leadership, commitment, loyalty and goodwill.

In order to achieve these qualities in transformation processes, a management consultant should address the following aspects in its transformation approach:

  • Every transformation requires a vision and a clear objective that is anchored in the hearts and minds of all the company's employees.

  • To achieve this, managers need to understand the current mindsets, attitudes and dispositions of employees - throughout the entire organization.

  • By involving the management teams, this clear objective is spread throughout the entire organization. It is translated into the language of every employee, filling it with life and urgency.

  • A well-designed communication process and system will ensure the dissemination of information within the organization by calling attention, informing and inspiring in real time.

  • A targeted learning and development strategy anchors competencies and skills and provides "effective tools for busy people" to make change a reality within the organization as well as for its stakeholders and customers.

How we can support you in selecting the right transformation consultant

At Cardea, we are happy to assist you in selecting the right transformation consultant. Our experts have many years of experience in various industries and have supported over 50 successful transformation projects, such as

Transformation Consulting Management Consulting

We not only support you in identifying your individual needs, but also help you select the consulting firm that best suits your requirements. We offer:

  • Market screening

  • Evaluation & matching (tender support, recommendation of long lists)

  • Identification & review of preferred suppliers

  • Sparring & coaching during project set-up, selection & decision-making processes

  • Advice on optimizing the procurement of consulting services (Procurement Excellence).

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