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How to increase the project success rate of your consulting projects

Maximize the value and minimize the time and effort involved in tendering for consulting services

Our study on digitalization, innovation and sustainability consulting projects shows that customers mainly lack expertise and resources in these important transformation topics, particularly in the areas of technology and the implementation of cultural, organizational and process changes.

Next level topics & challenges from the customers' perspective

Consulting Projects & Topics: Digitalization, Sustainability, Innovation

Clients therefore expect professional expertise, technological know-how, multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and change expertise when they ask consulting firms for help. However, client satisfaction with the services of management consultants in the consulting fields of digitalization, innovation and sustainability is not overwhelming. Clients face the challenge of learning how to assess and differentiate the expertise and value proposition of consultants.

Satisfaction with consultants and project success rate from the customer's perspective

Satisfaction with digital, innovation and sustainability consultants

Save costs, save time, ensure project success

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