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On your own or with a partner - how you add value for customers

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The requirements that clients impose on consulting firms are becoming ever more demanding: mere functional, specialist or technological expertise is no longer enough to successfully solve clients' complex challenges.

Expansion of skills & resources

Customers are looking for "end-to-end consulting skills," as our latest study of the consulting market shows. They expect professional expertise, technological know-how, multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and change expertise when they ask consulting firms for help. New collaboration models are also increasingly sought after: 66% of clients say that the added value of a consulting firm is increasingly generated by the "how", i.e. the way a consultant works with his clients.

Partnerships, ecosystems, M&A

All of this can only be accomplished with the right resources. Today, many consulting firms create capacities and additional skills by expanding their ecosystems through the acquisition of specialized consulting boutiques.

For the majority, however, this path is too time-consuming and cost-intensive. Those who want to position and differentiate themselves in the medium term as a consulting firm with value-added services for customers will secure growth in cooperation with specialized consulting or technology companies. With 23 years of experience in monitoring the consulting market and more than 5,000 consulting firms, we can help you find the right course for your company. Faster than traditional M&A consultants, we can provide you with a market overview that classifies your company and identifies appropriate growth opportunities through cooperations, sales, acquisitions, etc. We are familiar with the consulting market, the trends and the market multiples, which may vary depending on the situation.

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