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What added value should you look for in a consulting firm?

Maximize the success of your project by choosing the right management consultant

Our studies on trends in the consulting market show that clients are still finding it difficult to find the right consultant when it comes to mastering important transformation topics such as digitalization, innovation or sustainability.

it's difficult to find the right consultants

There are 2 main reasons for this: The challenges faced by client companies have become increasingly complex, requiring a wide variety of expertise (e.g. strategy development, technology know-how, customer and employee focus, change and communication), which must also be taken into account when selecting a consultant. At the same time, large and medium-sized consulting firms are trying to position themselves as full-service providers by constantly expanding their service portfolio and are thus responding to the desire of many client companies for one-stop stores and end-to-end consulting services with clear responsibility for results, interface and coordinator functions for a wide variety of consulting projects.

However, not all consultants are yet able to fully meet clients' expectations for specialist expertise, technological know-how, multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and change expertise.

value-added of consulting firms

The value of external consultants is often explained by the fact that they bring an independent, fresh outside-in view and a wealth of expertise (specialist knowledge, best practice industry knowledge). However, these factors alone are not sufficient to ensure that consultants really add value in solving their clients' challenges.

differentiation of consulting firms

New ideas and perspectives, innovation and creativity, pragmatism and a focus on solutions, empowering clients, sustainable implementation and increasing employees' willingness to change are increasingly important aspects that a consulting firm must bring to the table when working with clients.

Save costs, save time, ensure project success

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